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common problems

General mental health problems

At Sex Life Therapy, the team also deals with common mental health issues. Nearly half of the population (45%) will experience a mental disorder at some stage in their lives with one in five Australians experiencing a mental illness in any 12-month period. Mental illness impacts on Australia. It is one of the top three causes of disability.

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Common men's sexual problems

Experiencing sexual problems can be distressing for some men. Socially, men are receive messages of the need to be “good at sex” and the messages include to desire sex all the time; be able to get an erection at any desired time and maintain it; and be able to ejaculate on command (not too soon, yet not take forever).

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Common women's sexual problems

Many women experience sexual problems in their lives. Some issues, or problems, last for a little time, others issues are longer in their duration. Issues like painful intercourse, either vaginismus or vulvadynia or dyspareunia, affect around a third of women. A woman’s sexuality can also be influenced by other factors like body image, grief, relationships, depression, and anxiety.

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I am a trained Counsellor/Therapist with over 20 years experience, holding Clinical/Level 4 membership of the Australian Counselling Association, one of Australia’s leading counselling and psychotherapy regulating bodies.


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