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Common Sex Problems

There are many issues which may impact on your sex life. There are some common sex problems which are unique to men and some common sex problems which are unique to women. There are some issues which impact on peoples’ sex life common to both. Sex Life Therapy is a private sex therapy and relationship therapy clinic and deals with common sex problems and issues relating to human sexuality. We have clinics in East Melbourne and Frankston. We also provide Skype-based counselling to other areas in Australia.

How Often do People Experience Sexual Problems?

Approximately 1 in 4 men, and half of women surveyed in the first Australian Study of Health and Relationships (Sex in Australia) in 2003, reported at least one sexual difficulty or common sexual problem (Richters et al, 2003).   The most common sexual problems for men (24.9%) and women (54.8%) reported was a lack of interest in sex. Concerns about body attractiveness (body image) were also common sexual problems reported for men (14.2%) and women (35.9%; Richters et al, 2003).

One of four men reported rapid (or premature) ejaculation with 1 in 10 men reporting issues with erections. Delayed ejaculation, or being unable to achieve orgasm affected approximately 1 in 10 men (Richters et al, 2003).

Around one third of women (1 in 3) were not able to achieve orgasm, while approximately 27% of women reported sex was not pleasurable. One in four women reported vaginal dryness as an issue and 1 in 5 women reported experiencing sexual pain (Richters et al, 2003).

If you would like to know about some of the common sex problems or issues people encounter check out the links below.

To discuss your experiences with any of these sexual issues please contact the team at Sex Life Therapy.

Womens Problems

Many women experience sexual problems in their lives. Some issues, or problems, last for a little time, others issues are longer in their duration. Issues like painful intercourse, either vaginismus or vulvadynia or dyspareunia, affect around a third of women. A woman’s sexuality can also be influenced by other factors like body image, grief, relationships, depression, and anxiety.

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Mens Problems

Experiencing sexual problems can be distressing for some men. Socially, men are receive messages of the need to be “good at sex” and the messages include to desire sex all the time; be able to get an erection at any desired time and maintain it; and be able to ejaculate on command (not too soon, yet not take forever).

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