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Consulting room for rent

Carringbush Counselling Suite

Suite 209
134 Cambridge Street

Available:  Four consulting rooms + one group room – Casual and longer-term rental available.

The Carringbush Counselling Suite is located in the Carringbush Business Centre on Cambridge Street Collingwood. The Carringbush Counselling Suite was professionally fitted-out for therapy.  Each room contains a desk and chair, plus two comfortable counselling chairs and a whiteboard.  All rooms have access to wireless internet and printing facilities.  EFTPOS access can also negotiated.  The building is secured after-hours.

The Group Room is available for small groups on a casual basis.  Room users receive a discount on the Group Room rental.  There is a data projector (extra charges apply), projector screen, and whiteboard available.   The Carringbush Counselling Suite also has a kitchenette.  The reception area/waiting room is comfortably appointed.

There is no shortage of on-street parking, with off-street paid parking in several locations close-by. The Carringbush Counselling Suite is also accessible via public transport, with tram stops on Smith Street, bus stops close-by (Victoria Street – 7 minutes walk, Johnston Street – 10 minutes walk), and suitable for cycle-access.

Carringbush Counselling Suite is home to Dr Christopher Fox and Lynda Carlyle, both sex and relationship therapists. A number of other therapists (counsellors, psychologists, and social workers) also rent rooms on a casual basis.  The consulting room would be suitable for psychologist, counsellor, psychotherapist, relationship, family or sex therapist, and/or hypnotherapist.

For further information please call Dr Christopher Fox on 0438 422 759.

Room Rental (Casual)

Consulting Rooms 1-4
(approx.  3.5 x 3 m)
Consulting Room 5
(approx. 2.6 x 3 m)
Up to 15 sessions/month $22.00/hour (+ GST) $18.00/hour (+ GST)
16-31 sessions/month $20.00/hour (+ GST) $16.00/hour (+ GST)
32-48 sessions/month $18.00/month (+ GST) $14.75/hour (+ GST)
49+ sessions/month $16.00/month (+ GST) $13.75/hour (+ GST)

Permanent rental (12 month contract) and semi permanent (3-9 month contracts) are also available.  For longer term rental please call Dr Christopher Fox for more details.

Click here for Terms and Conditions.

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 Reception – Waiting Area Reception_Carringbush_Counselling_Suite Carringbush_Counselling_Suite_Reception_Carringbush_Counselling_Suite_2 Reception-Waiting Room @ Carringbush Counselling Suite
Consulting Room 1 Carringbush_Counselling_Suite_Room_1_1 Carringbush_Counselling_Suite_Room_1_2
Consulting Room 3 Carringbush_Counselling_Suite_Room_3_1 Carringbush_Counselling_Suite_Room_3_2
Consulting Room 4 Carringbush_Counselling_Suite_Room_4_1 Carringbush_Counselling_Suite_Room_4_2
Consulting Room 5
(2.6 x 3 m)
Carringbush_Counselling_Suite_Room_5_Tiny_Room_2 Carringbush_Counselling_Suite_Room_5_Tiny_Room_1
Group Room
(3.5 x 5 m)
Carringbush_Counselling_Suite_Room_Group_1 Carringbush_Counselling_Suite_Room_Group_3 Carringbush_Counselling_Suite_Room_Group_2
The Hallway Carringbush_Counselling_Suite_Hall_1


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