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Professional Development Workshop Dates for 2015

National dates for the professional development workshop series has been released. Three professional development workshops are currently available to increase practitioners’ capacity to respond to their clients’ needs. Find out more below.

Queering Therapy – Sexual and Gender Diversity in Practice

Brisbane 20 February 2015 Melbourne 19 March 2015 Sydney 29 May 2015
Alice Springs 24 July 2015 Perth 4 September 2015 Gosford 19 October 2015
Adelaide 20 November 2015 Sydney 29 May 2015 Canberra TBC
Darwin TBC Townsville TBC

Understanding sexual and gender diversity adds strength to your practice in queer therapy. When we explore sexual and gender diversity we also explore the unspoken social scripts and mores about sex and gender. In this workshop you will be introduced to issues faced by sexual and gender diverse clients and best-practice examples of working with these population groups. You will also explore how to make your practice diverse-friendly. This one-day workshop brings together recent research and literature on gender and sexual diversity from a multi-disciplinary perspective. It introduces participants to key concepts, issues with coming out, recent research on homophobia and mental health issues faced by non-heterosexual identified individuals. Participants will also explore the application of practice standards to enhance their practice (and practices) to become more diverse-friendly. Find out more >>

Sexing Therapy: Sex Therapy for the Non-Sex Therapist

Brisbane 23 February 2015 Melbourne 23 March 2015 Mackay 24 April 2015
Alice Springs 27 July 2015 Perth 7 September 2015 Adelaide 23 November 2015
Launceston 7 December 2015 Darwin TBC Canberra TBC
Cairns TBC

Sexing Therapy: Sex Therapy for the Non-Sex Therapist is a one-day workshop introducing practitioners to working with sexual issues. Many health practitioners find initiating talk about sex and people’s sex lives daunting and, in some cases rude and invasive. Yet, part of a healthy life is a healthy sex life. This workshop aims to de-mystify sex in therapy. This workshop is also day one of the Core Concepts in Sex Therapy program. Find out more >>

Core Concepts in Psychosexual Therapy

Melbourne 16-18 April 2015 Cairns TBC

Core Concepts in Psychosexual Therapy is a three-day training workshop which aims to provide practitioners with introductory skills in working with sexual functions, dysfunctions and issues. This workshop introduces common psychosexual issues/presentations to practitioners, including desire, orgasmic, and arousal disorders in women and men, as well as pain disorders in women. The workshop also addresses sexuality and ageing, fetishes and atypical behaviours, and explores ethical practice in sex therapy. Participants will learn the basics of diagnosis and develop treatment plans for these common issues. It is assumed all participants will have basic counselling skills – This is not a counselling skills training program. Find out more >>

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