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Relationship Therapy

When we experience relationship problems that we can’t solve, we can feel pain, loneliness and even despair. Often when there are sexual issues with one partner this impacts on the relationship and the other partner.

Whatever relationship difficulties you are facing, I can help you understand why things are not working and what steps you can take to make things better, fast.

Relationship counselling is a way of helping you through times of distress or difficulty as a couple or on your own by talking to someone trained to help you explore your concerns. Sessions with a relationship counsellor will help you understand your relationship more clearly and support you to make changes for the better.

You may be feeling that things with your partner are not quite right and just need someone to talk to, to resolve issues early on. Or you may have more long-standing concerns or serious issues. You may wish to explore difficulties in a relationship that has now ended so that you can move forward more positively.
Either way we can offer relationship help. Some of my clients find only one or two sessions get them back on track. Others we work with benefit from more sessions.

Marital therapy or relationship counselling can help you create the harmonious, healthy relationship you promised yourselves when you first got together.

You may already be aware of a relationship problem but have been hoping it would improve over time:

  • Worn out by a cycle of angry arguments which never get resolved.
  • Step/blended family issues affecting your relationship
  • Perhaps long working hours or a job change is having a negative impact on your marriage
  • You and/or your partner are struggling to come to terms with an affair
  • Sometimes a single trigger is difficult to pinpoint:
  • You may have gradually noticed you are no longer happy in your relationship
  • feel that you are merely co-existing
  • be experiencing a loss of sexual desire
  • feel you just can’t communicate with your partner any more

Unresolved angry feeling and resentments can build up and be really destructive to your marriage or relationship. Even though it may not be obvious at the time any life change such as moving to a new area, the birth of your baby, or retirement can all deeply effect a relationship and trigger difficulties later on.

Marriage therapy or couple counselling can help you to:

  • Talk openly about the things you fall out about,without falling out!
  • Stop the bickering and fighting
  • Learn ways of negotiating win – win solutions instead of win – lose
  • Work closely with your partner to resolve family issues
  • Respect and understand the effects of infidelity
  • Your marriage or relationship may have been suffering from neglect, boredom or feelings of being taken for granted for years but it is possible to restore and reconnect again.

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