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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is a service provided by a professional trained to deal with issues relating to sexuality and sexual functioning. As a sex therapist I have the ability to assist you in understanding the issue/s and help you achieve your goals.

Sex therapy explores what is going on for the clients, psychologically and behaviourally. A treatment plan is developed and tailored to your needs to produce the most appropriate results. The sessions will focus on meeting your needs and how we can best achieve your desired outcome. In sessions we may explore your understanding of sex and sexuality, what we can do to address the issues, and exercises and activities you can undertake between sessions to assist you.

As a Sex Therapist I deal with a variety of issues – sex related and non-sex related.

For women these may include:

  • Low libido;
  • Problems with reaching orgasm;
  • Vaginismus
  • Sexual/genital pain;
  • Body image; or
  • Changes because of ageing.

Men may see a therapist to deal with issues like:

  • Difficulty getting an erection;
  • Issues with ejaculations – either too soon, or even with “getting there”;
  • Not being sure about what to do sexually;
  • Prostate cancer recovery;
  • Loss of desire;
  • Body or genital image; or
  • Porn/sex addiction.


Women and men might also see a sex therapist about relationships issues – either as a couple or separately. Remember any sexual issue can have an impact on your relationship. Use the form below to request a confidential chat.

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