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Stress Management

Stress is not a diagnosis, or a mental illness, yet a condition we may experience at different points in our lives. Stress is an imbalance between the demands we experience and our resources to meet and cope with these demands. Stress is experienced when we place undue pressure or expectations on ourselves, including creating an image of ourselves which we cannot “live up to”.

Sometimes we experience high levels of stress and at other times we can experience low levels of stress. Not all stress is bad. A little bit of stress may be good for some people. Negative stress is called distress – this is stress like meeting deadlines, or stress from fear of having to perform, or exams. Positive stress, or eustress, is healthy stress.

Stress can result from different aspects of our lives: relationships; family; work; illness; life crises; or even disintegration of our social networks. Stress can also impact on overall wellbeing and influence our experience of illness, insomnia, and other mental health issues. Most importantly, stress is manageable.


Stress Management Counselling & Psychotherapy @ Sex Life Therapy

Counselling and psychotherapy will be able to assist you to identify the causes of your stress and provide you with tools and skills to manage stress. Through counselling and psychotherapy stress you develop an understanding of how stress is maintained in your life. Whether your stress is a result of relationships, friendships, family, or work therapy can help alleviate the stress.


What Benefits and/or Outcomes can I expect from Stress Management Counselling?

Through counselling and psychotherapy for stress you may expect some of the following outcomes:

  • Understand the causes of your stress;
  • Understand how stress is maintained in your life;
  • Identify the beliefs, thoughts and behaviours which contribute to stress;
  • Develop skills to manage stress and stressful situations; and
  • Maintain a healthier stress free lifestyle.


Stress Management Therapy Services in Melbourne

If you want to learn more about stress management strategies make an appointment with one of the therapists at Sex Life Therapy today on (03) 9005 5213 to make an appointment. Appointments available in east Melbourne and Frankston – Melbourne


Further Information on Stress Management

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If you scored 0-20 on the Stress Management Quiz call Dr Christopher immediately to see how he can assist you. Your stress is high and you can benefit from talking to someone about it.

If you scored 21-59, you like to talk to people about stress. Sometimes this is not the best person. Call Dr Christopher today to see how he can assist you with better managing your stress.

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