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Sexing Therapy

  • Townsville 07/02/2017
  • Cairns 28/02/2017
  • Adelaide TBC 2017
  • Canberra TBC 2017
  • Darwin TBC 2017
  • Gold Coast TBC 2017
  • Melbourne TBC 2017
  • Newcastle TBC 2017
  • Perth TBC 2017

Sex Therapy for the Non-Sex Therapist

Sexing Therapy: Sex Therapy for the Non-Sex Therapist is a one-day workshop introducing practitioners to working with sexual issues. Many health practitioners find initiating talk about sex and people’s sex lives daunting and, in some cases rude and invasive. Yet, part of a healthy life is a healthy sex life. This workshop aims to de-mystify sex in therapy.

In Sexing Therapy participants are introduced to psychosexual therapy and the role of psychosexual therapists. The impact of values and some of the issues of working in a psychosexual framework are explored. Participants are also introduced to the PLISSIT model of sex therapy as well as Ogden’s Five Great Secrets of Sex Therapy for the non-therapist. Time will be provided for case discussion and conceptualisation.

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate their values on sex and sexuality;
  • Recognise the role of sexual (social) scripts to human sexuality function and dysfunction;
  • Apply the first three stages of the PLISSIT model of sex therapy;
  • Develop a sexual history script;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Five Great Secrets; and
  • Engage clients on issues of sexuality.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who works in the health, welfare and human service sectors.  This workshop is of interest to counsellors, therapists, doctors, nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, social and welfare workers, youth workers.
This workshop is suitable to anyone who works with people and wishes to explore how to promote a positive attitude to sexuality.

Why Attend?

This one day workshop will increase participant’s skills in discussing personal and sexual matters with clients. It will demystify sexuality and provide you with a framework to enable you to facilitate discussions around sensitive topics. The workshop also encourages self-exploration of attitudes and beliefs toward sexuality. The workshop is developed using principles of adult and experiential learning. Therefore the focus is on the participants’ needs and learning through doing.

Your Trainer

Dr Christopher FoxDr Christopher Fox is an experienced psychosexual and relationship therapist with over 20 years experience in counselling and psychotherapy. Christopher is an Accredited Sexuality Educator and Researcher with the Australian Society of Sexuality Educators, Researchers and Therapists. Christopher currently runs Sex Life Therapy and lectures at the University of Sydney’s Western Sydney Sexual Health Centre in sexual health counselling. He believes a healthy and sex life is very much part of a healthy life. Everyone has the right to a fulfilling and enjoyable sex life.


Early Bird Rate $320.00
Full Rate $365.00
Early Bird Rate (SAS/AASW/ACA Members) $295.00
Full Rate (SAS/AASW/ACA Members) $320.00


This workshops has been endorsed by the Australian Counselling Association and the Australian Association of Social Workers (#AASW161201)





TOWNSVILLE Tuesday 7 February 2017
Early Bird ends 16/01/2017
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CAIRNS Tuesday 28 February 2017
Early Bird ends 06/02/2017
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