Love, Intimacy, Passion and Sex Series of Couples Workshops

2015 Dates Released

Love, Intimacy, Passion and Sex is a new series of workshops aimed at assisting couples to develop a stronger, more loving relationships. A healthy life includes a healthy relationship. As a sex therapist I believe a healthy relationship includes a healthy sex life. The workshops aim at assisting couples improve their relationships and their sex lives. Each of the workshops are outlined below.

Workshops are limited to a maximum of 10 couples. Each workshop has a 900 for 930am start and will finish by 4oopm each day. The price for each workshop includes participants manual and notes, morning and afternoon teas, and day full of fun and action. Please note, lunch is not included. There are cafes close to the workshop venue.

Sex Life Therapy Languages of Love Couples Workshop

The Languages of Love Couples Workshop – A 1 day couples workshop

Saturday 21 March 2015 900am – 400pm Sunday 2 August 2015 900am – 400pm

The Languages of Love Couples Workshop is an exploration of how you and your partner perceive and experience love. You will explore how you and your partner express love and learn how you apply your love language in your relationship with your partner. We all speak a different love language. In this couples workshop you will discover what your main language of love and how you apply this language of love to your relationship. You will also explore your partner’s language of love. Through the workshop you will build skills and develop tools to speak to each other language of love. Find out more >>

Sex Life Therapy Re-Ignite the Fire Couples Workshop

Re-Ignite the Fire – A 1 day couples workshop

Saturday 9 May 2015 900am – 400pm Sunday 16 August 2015 900am – 400pm

Re-ignite the Fire focuses on re-connecting with your partner. Each person desires sex differently at different times. Using the work of Sandra Pertot’s When Libidos Don’t Match you will explore your own and your partner’s sexual type to develop a love map to enhance your relationship and re-ignite the fire. Through the workshop you learn how you desire your intimacy needs to be met and how your partner desires their intimacy needs to be met. Practical activities will assist you to develop tools to re-ignite the fire in your relationship by understanding each other’s libidos and sexual drives, and how to work with these to improve couple’s intimacy and sexuality.Read more >>

Dr Christopher Fox CoupleCARE

Dr Christopher Fox is a recognised CoupleCARE provider.

Couple Commitment and Relationship Enhancement (CoupleCARE) – A 6 Week Relationship Enhancement Course

Course begins on Tuesday 2 June 2015 700pm.

CoupleCARE is a six week evidence-based relationship-enrichment program. It was developed by experienced practitioners based on practice and research knowledge1. An evaluation of the program reported that couples who completed the program has increased relationship satisfaction and stability. CoupleCARE has assisted over 5,000 couples build and maintain a better relationship, helping themselves and their families. The CoupleCARE program is a structured program delivered over six weeks in small groups or individually with each couple.Read more >>

Sex Life Therapy Couples Communciation Workshop

Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills for Couples Workshop – A 1 day couples workshop

Saturday 20 June 2015 900am – 400pm Sunday 9 August 2015 900am – 400pm

A fantastic relationship needs good communication skills. Learning to manage conflict is important to sustaining a healthy and loving relationship. In this couples workshop you will be learn key communication skills and conflict management skills. In addition to these tools to better communication, you will also learn about the seven principles of making relationships work including five do’s and four don’ts to a healthy relationship.Find out more >>

Sex Life Therapy Our Sexual Scripts Couples Workshop

Our Sexual Scripts – A 1 day couples workshop

Saturday 11 July 2015 900am – 400pm Sunday 15 November 2015 900am – 400pm

Our Sexual Scripts Workshop aims to assist couples enhance their intimacy and sexual satisfaction. Throughout this couples workshop couples develop practical skills and tools through information, and exercises. Participants identify their relationships’ sexual compass or sexual script. Understanding our sexual scripts or sexual compass, as well as that of our partners allows us to improve the intimate expressions in our relationship. This is couples workshop is for people wishing to revitalise their intimate and sexual lives, develop a mutual understanding of each partners’ needs and move the relationship to the next level.Find out more >>

Sex Life Therapy LIPS Couples Retreat

Love, Sex and Intimacy Couples Retreat – A Weekend Non-Residential Retreat

There is much interest in the two-day non-residential Love, Sex and Intimacy Couples Retreat. We will be releasing 2015 dates in March for this fantastic event. Stay tuned for further updates. Find out more >>

The NEW Love, Intimacy, Passion and Sex Retreat – a Five Day Event in Tropical Paradise

A new residential retreat is planned for alter 2015. The Love, Intimacy, Passion and Sex Retreat will run over five days. The retreat will include aspects of each of the above retreats and include workshops on couple’s sexuality.

Sex Life Therapy Fiji Couples Retreat

We are currently in final negotiations with a boutique resort in Fiji. The resort is on the Coral Coast. The retreat will also include time for tourist activities including visiting beautiful waterfalls and other natural wonders, local pottery villages and a Fiji cultural evening. Register your interest now. The retreat will cater to no more six couples.

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