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KAren Ryles @ Sex Life Therapy
Karen Ryles
Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist (Mental Health Social Worker) @ Sex Life Therapy

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AssocDipWelfareSt BSW DipHypnoTherapy MHealthSc AMHSW(Medicare Accredited)




Ageing & sexualityChronic health conditionsGrief and lossIntimate partner violence/domestic violenceMen’s sexual issuesMixed desire/mixed libido/low libidoPeople of colour/POC-friendly/multiculturalPsychological wellbeing /mental healthQueer-friendly (LGBTIQA+)Relationship Therapy/CounsellingSexual trauma/sexual assaultWomen’s sexual issues

Karen Ryles Accredited Mental Health Social Worker
Karen Ryles is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (Medicare Accredited)

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Karen Ryles is a psychosexual and relationship therapist and also provides generalist counselling and psychotherapy. Karen Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with over 30 years’ experience in counselling and psychotherapy. She is a member of the Society of Australian Sexologists and accredited member of the Australian Association of Social Workers. Karen complete a Masters in Health Sciences, exploring the issues in counselling provision in rural areas.

Karen previously managed a rural-based counselling practice in western Victoria and has also worked in the child protection, mental health and hospitals settings. Her experience includes 14 years in mental health settings. Karen’s experience includes working with children and adolescents as well as families. She has previously provided parenting education. Karen also has extensive experience in working with individuals and couples.

Karen’s therapeutic approach is integrative and eclectic to maximise the therapeutic benefits and outcomes for her clients. Karen draws on her experience in social work, as well as counselling and psychotherapy to assist clients to develop skills, tool and strategies to maximise their sexual and general well-being. She draws on Jungian and psychodynamic approaches within a solution-focussed framework. Karen also utilises acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and mindfulness as well as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) to assist her clients achieve their optimum. Karen believes in the NBT (No-Bullshit Therapy) approach of being direct, honest and caring.

Karen works with women, men and couples to assist them with sexual dysfunctions and problems in their lives. Karen’s experiences allow her to support clients who have experienced trauma, childhood sexual abuse and mental health issues in resolving impacts on their sexual lives.


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