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Our Sexual Scripts

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A Couples Workshop

1 Day workshop

Our Sexual Scripts Workshop aims to assist couples enhance their intimacy and sexual satisfaction.  Throughout this couples workshop couples develop practical skills and tools through information, and exercises.  Participants identify their relationships’ sexual compass or sexual script1.

People express their sexuality and intimacy through one of four points of the compass:

  • Complementary intimacy style;
  • Traditional intimacy style;
  • Soul Mate intimacy style; or
  • Emotionally expressive intimacy style.1

Understanding our sexual scripts or sexual compass, as well as that of our partners allows us to improve the intimate expressions in our relationship.

This is couples workshop is for people wishing to revitalise their intimate and sexual lives, develop a mutual understanding of each partners’ needs and move the relationship to the next level.

Workshop Outcomes

At the end of this couples workshop each couple will:

  • Identify their sexual compass and sexual scripts;
  • Develop mutual positive and realistic sexual expectations;
  • Identify sensual and intimate options for their relationship; and
  • Be able to communicate their sexual desires.

Workshop Prices

Early Bird $280.00 per couple
Standard $350.00 per couple

The workshop price includes Workshop Notes Folder, morning tea and afternoon tea. Lunch is not provided. There are cafes close to the workshop venue.


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Our Sexual Scripts Workshop is a couples workshop and part of the Love, Intimacy, Passion and Sex Workshop series.

1 McCarthy, B.W. & McCarthy, E. (2009). Discovering Your Couple Sexual Style: Sharing Desire, Pleasure, and Satisfaction. New York: Routledge

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