Sex Therapy

A professional with training in addressing difficulties related to sexuality and sexual functioning may offer sex therapy, psychosexual therapy, or sex counselling. We can help you understand the problem(s) and aid you in achieving your objectives as sex therapists.

Sex therapy investigates the psychological and behavioral issues that the clients are facing. To achieve the best outcomes, a treatment plan is created and adapted to your requirements. Meeting your needs and discussing how to effectively accomplish your intended result will be the main topics of the meetings. We may discuss how you view sex and sexuality, how we can address the problems, and exercises and activities you may do in between sessions to help.

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What Issues Do You Deal With in Sex Therapy

We as sex therapists work with a wide range of problems, both sex and non-sex related.

Women’s sexual issues include:

  • Reduced libido
  • Difficulties getting into orgasm;
  • Vaginismus
  • Painful sex or sexual contact; genital pain;
  • Physique; or
  • Changes brought on by aging.

Men may seek help from a sex therapist for problems like:

    • Getting an erection is difficult;
    • Problems with ejaculations, such as those that occur too soon or don’t quite “get there”;
    • Being unsure about one’s sexual preferences;
    • Overcoming prostate cancer;
    • Loss of interest;
    • Either a genital or body image;
    • A problem of addiction with porn and sex.

    In order to address relationship concerns, both men and women may visit a sex therapist jointly or separately. Keep in mind that your relationship could be impacted by any sexual issue. Sex therapy addresses the connection as well.

    Remember that having healthy sex is part of living a healthy life!


    Relationship Therapy

    We may experience anguish, loneliness, and even despair when we encounter relationship issues that we are unable to resolve. Sexual problems with one spouse frequently have an effect on the relationship and the other partner.

    Whatever the challenges you’re having in your relationships, I can help you figure out why things aren’t working and what you can do to quickly improve things.

    By speaking with a professional who is trained to assist you in exploring your concerns, relationship counseling is a way to support you as a couple or on your own during times of hardship or trouble. You will gain a clearer understanding of your relationship and receive support as you work to improve it through sessions with a relationship counselor.

    You can sense that something is up with your partner and just need to talk to someone to get things worked out. Alternatively, you could be dealing with more serious or enduring problems. For a more positive future, you might want to examine issues in a relationship that is now over.

    We can help with relationships in either scenario. One or two sessions are all it takes for some of my clients to get back on track. More sessions are beneficial for those we deal with.

    You may build the peaceful, healthy relationship you promised yourself when you first got together with the aid of marital therapy or relationship counseling.

    Even though you may already be aware of a relationship issue, you may have been hoping for a long-term resolution:

    • Drained by a routine of sour disagreements that never end.
    • Relationship problems stemming from step or blended families
    • Perhaps your marriage is suffering because of extended work hours or a career change.
    • You’re having trouble accepting that your partner had an affair.
    • Sometimes it’s challenging to identify a single trigger:
    • You might have gradually realized that your relationship isn’t making you happy.
    • Consider yourself to be merely coexisting
    • Being lacking in sexual inclination
    • Feel like you and your lover are just not able to communicate anymore
    Resentments and unresolved anger can fester and be quite damaging to your marriage or other connection. Even though it might not be clear at the time, every major life event, such as relocating, having a child, or retiring, can have a significant negative impact on a relationship and lead to issues in the road.

    Couples counseling or marriage therapy can help you to:

    • Disagreements can be discussed openly without causing a fight.
    • Stop arguing and fighting.
    • Instead of negotiating win-lose outcomes, learn how to negotiate win-win outcomes.
    • To deal with family matters, collaborate closely with your partner.
    • Respect for and awareness of the consequences of infidelity
    • Despite years of neglect, boredom, or feeling taken for granted in your marriage or relationship, it is still possible to rebuild and re-establish a connection.
    Call Dr. Christopher now for counselling in Melbourne’s Collingwood and Frankston, to arrange a private consultation if you’d like to talk about a relationship issue.

    General Counselling and Psychotherapy

    Numerous challenges we experience on a daily basis can be helped by counseling and psychotherapy. The Sex Life Therapy team also offers basic counseling and psychotherapy for problems that are not sexually related.

    What is Counselling and Pyschotherapy

    Counseling and psychotherapy are general concepts that are frequently used synonymously. Counseling is characterized as a quick procedure that supports and helps people improve their behavior. Through counseling, people can identify their problems and find constructive strategies to address them.

    The longer-term form of therapy is said to be psychotherapy. Psychotherapy identifies emotional disorders as well as their underlying causes. People have a clearer knowledge of their feelings, beliefs, and behaviors during psychotherapy. Psychotherapy can assist with psychological issues that may have persisted for a longer period of time.

    Counseling and psychotherapy are comparable in many ways. The phrases are frequently used interchangeably. Some people begin with counseling before moving on to psychotherapy.

    What Problems Do You Address in Psychotherapy and Counseling?

    We’ve dealt with a variety of mental health issues in the past.

    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Loss and Grief
    • Eating disorders and/or disordered eating
    • Challenges with body image in both men and women
    • Dieting
    • Psychological problems
    • General concerns with mental health
    • Difficulties with the behaviors of children
    • Adolescents’ problems
    • Parental problems


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