Bisexuality is often misunderstood by the general population. A person who is bisexual is NOT necessarily equally attracted to men and women. People who identify s bisexual are comfortable having relationships with either gender.

Sexuality is not easily defined. A person’s sexuality can be more than how they identify. Alfred Kinsey, a famous sex researcher in the mid-twentieth century, proposed a sliding scale for understanding sexuality. Kinsey’s six-point scale ranged from 0 (exclusively heterosexual/straight) to 5 (exclusively homosexual/gay or lesbian).

Another way one to understand sexuality is through the sexual trichotomy of identity, attraction and behaviour (See figure below). A person may identify as heterosexual (straight), be attracted to mainly women (attraction), and enjoy also enjoy sex with men and women (behaviour). So when we talk about bisexuality, we could be talking about many different formations.


  • Bisexuals are sitting on the fence…….bisexuals cannot decide one way or another

For many people ideas about sexuality rely on opposites (man or woman, straight or gay), and bisexuality does not fit neatly into these opposite categories. It is not the responsibility of someone who identifies as bisexual to decide; it is our responsibility to understand.

  • Bisexuals like to look androgynous, neither male or female

The way a person looks, behaves and dresses are different things, and usually not related to sexual preference.

  • Bisexuals are promiscuous….Bisexuals have twice the chance at sex

Bisexuals, like straights, gays and lesbians will have different ideas about who they are attracted to. Because some identifies as bisexual does not mean they want to have sex with everyone or anyone.

The range of relationship styles varies as it does in straight and gay communities. Some bisexuals are in committed relationships; some are serial monogamists, in open relationships or in relationships with more than one partner, and some prefer casual relationships or celibacy, with every variation in between.

  • Bisexuals have raging libidos

It is sometimes assumed that a ravenous appetite for sex is what leads a person to bisexual behaviour. This is not true. The libido of bisexuals is the same as the libido of anyone else in the community, which ranges from not wanting sex at all to wanting it often, with every variation in between.

  • Bisexuals spread AIDS

The commonly cited scenarios include the married man who has gay affairs, and the woman who has affairs with men while in a lesbian relationship. It is unsafe sex, not bisexuality, which spreads AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.


Through therapy will may achieve some of the following benefits:

  • Exploe and udnertsand your idneitity;
  • Develop skills for dealing with the the bi-phobia present in society;
  • Develop Skills to manage associated symptoms of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem;
  • Develop skills in addressing unhelpful beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours;
  • Learn skills in forming and maintaining healthy relationship and friendships; and
  • Improve communication and interpersonal skills.


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