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Sexual Identity And Sexual Orientation

Sexual identity and sexual orientation are two terms that really mean the same thing. Many people think that there are three possible identities: heterosexual (straight); homosexual (gay or lesbian); and bi-sexual. People’s sexual identity is not necessarily that clear cut.Another way to think about sexual identity is to think about identity (how does a person identify?), attraction (who is the person attracted to?) and behaviour (who does the person have sex with?). When we consider these three aspects we can see that that there are many different ways a person’s sexual identity can be defined.

Issues with sexual identity are often thought about being an adolescent or younger person’s issue. This is not true. We live in a society that promotes messages about the ‘normal’ way to be is straight. People can explore sexual identity at any times in their lives.
Through therapy I can assist you to deal with the issues you are facing and to assist explore your options. I believe to have a healthy sexuality we need to understand our sexuality fully.

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