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Alexandra Sutherland
Psychosexual Therapist @ Sex Life Therapy

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Collingwood and Online


B.A. (Psychology) G.C. Counselling M. Sci Med (STIS, HIV and Sexual Health - Counselling)




AdolescentsDisability-friendly/NDISIntimate partner violence/domestic violenceKink & fetish friendlyMen’s sexual issuesMixed desire/mixed libido/low libidoPoly-friendly/Open relationshipsPorn addiction/sex addiction/out-of-control sexual behavioursPsychological wellbeing /mental healthQueer-friendly (LGBTIQA+)Relationship Therapy/CounsellingSexual health/HIV/STIs/HSVSexual trauma/sexual assaultSubstance use/addictions/Chem SexWomen’s sexual issues
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Alexandra Sutherland is a psychosexual therapist and qualified counsellor with over seven years’ experience working in and managing community mental health services.  Alex completed graduate studies in counselling and psychotherapy prior to her specialist psychosexual therapy training at the University of Sydney, under Dr Christopher Fox.  Alex is a provisionally accredited therapist with PACFA.  She has a diverse range of professional experience including community health, mental health, sexual health and advocacy in Melbourne and the UK. Alex previously worked in HIV prevention across Greater Manchester (UK) and more recently coordinated the state-wide RhED (Resourcing Health & Education in the Victorian Sex Industry) Pathways case management program.

Alex works with clients presenting with psychosexual issues including sexual function challenges like painful intercourse due to vaginismus and dyspareunia (GPPPD), and/or endometriosis.  She also works with anaorgasmia.  Alex works with penis-owners and trans and cis men with issues around erectile function (erectile dysfunction) and ejaculatory control disorders like premature or rapid ejaculation and delayed ejaculation.

Alex has extensive experience working with queer, sexual and gender diverse and kink communities.  She has specialist experience working with people who are HIV positive and also supports people living with HSV (herpes).  Alex is sex worker-friendly, queer-friendly and kink-friendly. Her inclusive practice extends to relationship inclusive working with poly partners.

Alexandra Sutherland specialises in a client-centred approach drawing on motivational interviewing (MI), cognitive behavioural therapies (CBT), schema therapy and relational therapies. She has a strong interest in reprocessing trauma therapies.Alex is currently Gottman Relationship Therapy training to enhance her skills in supporting poly and mono relationships.  Alex’s approach to therapy is inclusive and designed to meet the clients’ needs.

Alex completed her undergraduate studies in psychology at Monash University.  She trained in counselling through Monash University completing a Graduate Certificate in Counselling before completing her specialist training through the University of Sydney’s Master of Science in Medicine (STI’s, HIV and Sexual Health) in the sexual health counselling/psychosexual therapy stream.


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