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Brooke Cashmere
Family Therapist @ Sex Life Therapy

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Collingwood and Online


GradCert in Psychotherapy, GradDIp of Psychotherapy, PGDip Family Therapy, BICA Level1




AdolescentsAgeing & sexualityChronic health conditionsDisability-friendly/NDISFamily TherapyFertility issuesGrief and lossKink & fetish friendlyMen’s sexual issuesMixed desire/mixed libido/low libidoPoly-friendly/Open relationshipsPorn addiction/sex addiction/out-of-control sexual behavioursPsychological wellbeing /mental healthQueer-friendly (LGBTIQA+)Relationship Therapy/CounsellingSexual health/HIV/STIs/HSVWomen’s sexual issues
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Brooke Cashmere is a psychotherapist and counsellor who completed her graduate studies in psychotherapy at the Cairnmillar Institute in Melbourne. She then completed further postgraduate studies in family therapy. Currently she is undertaking her specialist training in psychosexual therapy/sex therapy at the University of Sydney. Brooke’s education and training assist her to view individuals in the context of their family and social systems providing a broader and deeper understanding. Brooke can support individuals navigating the transition through different life stages.

Brooke works with individuals and couples negotiating fertility and family planning, as well as people experiencing fertility challenges.  She has interest in assisted reproductive technology (ART) and the impact of fertility treatments on sexual wellbeing and relationship satisfaction. Brooke completed training through the British Infertility Counselling Association, expanding her skill set and knowledge base to support people through their fertility process.

Brooke Cashmere works with individuals, couples and families.  In addition to family therapy, she also works with fertility issues, grief and loss, chronic health conditions, mixed desire and low libido, women’s sexual health issues including gentio-pelvic pain penetration disorder (GPPPD), men’s sexual health issues – rapid ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, erectile function, and out-of-control sexual behaviours like porn addiction.  Brooke is queer-friendly, kink, and fetish-friendly, and is able to work with poly/open relationships. Brooke also works with people with disabilities and NDIS clients.

Using a sex-positive approach, Brooke creates a safe and supportive environment to promote positive change. She brings a process of safety and supports people to explore their sexuality, desires and relationships.  Brooke works with individuals and couples using solution-focused, narrative therapy, and emotion-focused approaches.  Therapy is tailored to the needs of then individual.


Mon: Fri 9:00 AM - 700 PM
Sat: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sun: Closed