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Clinical hypnotherapy (the use of hypnosis for clinical outcomes) can assist with various forms of sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, painful sex and anorgasmia (difficulty in achieving orgasms). It can also enhance sexual self-confidence, reduce stress about sexual performance, and improve overall sexual satisfaction.

Clinical hypnotherapy is the use of naturally occurring hypnotic phenomena like just before you drift off to sleep, as a technique to facilitate positive change in your life. An induced state of deep relaxation and focused attention is created, and the therapist uses suggestions to assist the client in making these changes to thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. In hypnosis, you  can talk with the therapist and deal with issues and emotions that have caused them distress in a more relaxed manner.

By tapping into the power of the subconscious mind, hypnosis can help individuals overcome negative beliefs, fears, and traumas related to sex, leading to a healthier and more fulfilling sexual experience. Hypnosis is a safe and non-invasive form of drug-free therapy that aims to address the underlying psychological factors contributing to an issue or sexual dysfunction and provides a holistic approach to sexual well-being.

Many people have shame about sex and sexuality that they pick up along life’s journey around sexual expression, sexual pleasure, and sexual relationships. Through clinical hypnotherapy, these unhelpful beliefs can be reprogrammed. This process allows individuals to replace outdated beliefs and behaviours with new ones that align with their true desires and values. By removing redundant beliefs, individuals can make room for new and empowering beliefs that contribute to their overall happiness and fulfilment in life.

How does hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy can assist individuals identify and challenge negative thought patterns, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and gain a deeper understanding of their emotions and desires. A counsellor with professional training in clinical hypnotherapy and psychosexual counselling can support clients with techniques such as guided imagery, relaxation exercises, and cognitive restructuring. The therapist  provides a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to explore their sexuality and address any concerns or issues they may have in a supportive and confidential environment.

Premature ejaculation

Hypnosis is useful when addressing concerns about premature ejaculation/rapid ejaculation.  By targeting the underlying psychological factors that contribute to premature ejaculation, such as performance anxiety or performance pressure, hypnosis can help individuals develop new coping mechanisms and strategies for delaying orgasm.

Sexual Confidence

Hypnosis is also be beneficial for individuals struggling with low self-confidence about themselves as a sexual person. Through relaxation techniques and suggestion therapy, it is possible to increase arousal and improve overall sexual satisfaction.

Erectile Dysfunction

Hypnotherapy can make a significant difference in addressing erectile function issues. By targeting factors such as stress, anxiety, or past traumatic experiences, hypnosis can help individuals overcome these barriers and regain their sexual confidence and erectile function.

Porn and Sex Addiction

Out-of-control sexual behaviours like porn and sex addiction also respond well to hypnotherapy.  Through hypnotherapy the triggers and cravings associated with porn and sex addiction can be targeted and individuals can break free from the cycle of dependency and develop healthier sexual habits. Hypnosis can help people develop a stronger sense of self-control and improve their ability to resist unwanted thoughts, ultimately leading to more fulfilling and satisfying sexual experiences.

What happens in a Hypnotherapy session

At the start of the hypnotherapy session the hypnotherapist reviews with you what you want to achieve via hypnosis. Your consent to proceed is confirmed and any questions about the session are answered.

You are invited to get comfortable whether change position in the therapy chair, or move cushions. The hypnotherapist then starts to give relaxing suggestions to assist you to slow down your breathing and guides you to a deep state of relaxation and focus using verbal cues, repetition and imagery. When you are in hypnosis, this level of concentration and focus allows you to ignore ordinary distractions and be more open to guided suggestions to make positive change. At the end of the session, you are gently given suggestions to return to the here and now.


There are many misconceptions about clinical hypnosis.  Clinical hypnotherapy is not the same as stage hypnosis.  Clinical hypnotherapy is aimed at assisting people achieve better wellbeing. Stage hypnosis is for entertainment.  Here we provide some insight into hypnotherapy and dis-spell the myths.

Hypnosis is a form of mind control

It is about empowering the individual to tap into their own subconscious resources. It is important to clarify that hypnosis is not about controlling someone’s thoughts or actions.  This perception is a result of movies and TV shows where a person becomes the victim of an unethical person who uses hypnosis for negative and often self-serving purposes.  Hypnosis is a collaborative process between the counsellor and the individual being hypnotised.

Hypnosis can make someone do things against their will

Individuals in a hypnotic state maintain their free-will and will not engage in behaviours that are not aligned to their values or beliefs. Hypnosis simply helps individuals access their inner potential and make positive changes in their lives.

Hypnosis is a “truth serum”

Hypnosis does not force individuals to reveal information they do not wish to disclose. Instead, it is used as a tool to help individuals explore their thoughts and emotions in a safe and controlled environment.

In a nutshell, hypnosis is a valuable tool that can be used to facilitate personal growth and transformation when approached with the right intention and guidance. Hypnotherapy works well with psychosexual therapy when addressing sexual issues in individuals. Hypnotherapy offers a holistic approach to sexual wellness, addressing both physical and psychological aspects, and can be a valuable tool for enhancing sexual intimacy and satisfaction.

A healthy life includes healthy relationships and a healthy sex life.



Luigi Romanelli is a Pyschosexual Therapist and Hypnotherapist, as well as a Social Worker. Luigi is available to assist individuals with sexual issues and also for general psychological wellbeing and hypnotherapy. Call the office today to book hypnotherapy or use the form below.

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Disclaimer: The information contained in this document should be read as general in nature and is only to provide an overview of the subject matter covered. Please see an appropriate practitioner if you have any concerns.


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